Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Healthy Halloween tips for parents

The Halloween candy season is here again, challenging parents to find that right balance of fun and nutrition.

Whether your a candy-loving adult or somebody concerned about a child's sugar consumption, Mayo Clinic Registered Dietitian Katherin Zeratsky says it's very important to "control the volume" when dealing with sweets.

Bite-sized candies are a good option to satisfy that need for something sweet, but be sure to count your wrappers!

Zeratsky also says the trick-or-treat tradition gives parents an opportunity to have a general discussion with their children about food and eating.

As far as candy with some nutritional content, there are some options available.

"There's some research to show that darker chocolates that are 65 percent (cocoa) or greater can impart some health benefits," said Zeratsky.

The dietitian also recommends:
  • Candy with air whipped into it because it's lighter in calories.
  • Bite-sized candy to help limit consumption
  • Candy buy-back programs at your local dentist office

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